US-India Solidarity Mission (USISM) is organizing a private charter flight from US to HYD at the request of many stranded Indian citizens and eligible OCI Card holders from all over USA. The Private charter flight has been approved by Indian Embassy / Indian Government under the recent guidelines issued by MEA allowing private charter aircrafts. All registered travelers will receive the copy of guidelines for travel by private charter flights.

Currently we have three flights departing from three US cities - New York, Chicago and Dallas. The flights will depart on June 24, Wednesday. The flights are being operated by Qatar Airways with a charter flight from Doha to Hyderabad

Flight Departure Date: June 24, 2020 (Wednesday)

Flight Departing from: New York, NY (JFK): 21:00 pm EST Arrival DOH 16:15+1 Local time

Flight Departing from Chicago, IL (ORD): 18:50 pm EST Arrival DOH 16:20+1 Local time

Flight Departing from Dallas, TX (DFW): 18:10 pm EST Arrival DOH 16:40+1 Local time

Flight Departing from Doha ,DOH 25-Jun-20 :18:00 Local time Arrival HYD 00:40+1 Local time


Indian Citizens with expired passport

US Citizens with Indian Visa

US Citizens with OCI, without any emergency

A one-stop flight .

layover in Doha,The charter flight from Doha to Hyderabad is also operated by Qatar Airways . You will be guided to the charter flight as soon as you land in Doha

No, as soon as landing, passengers are guided to Charter flight to Hyderabad

Yes, Charter is arranged for all people going to Hyderabad from 3 cities .

Yes, you can not. You have to buy ticket ahead of time.

booking closes on Monday 6 pm 22nd Jun, 2020. No, You have to buy from USISM .

Yes, from US to Doha are all scheduled flights and Charter from Doha to Hyderabad is approved by govt of India .

No, It is 2700.00 .

Yes, and they will assist all passengers.

Yes, the ticket cannot be refunded.

 As mentioned in the contract: This is a non-refundable fare as this is an evacuation/repatriation flight.

2 bags each 23 kgs or 50lbs (additional pieces can be purchased, for questions reach out to team@usism.org ).

deatils about meals will be provided 24 hours prior to flight.

Economy class- $2350, Business class - $5500 business (Business class is not guaranteed).

It is a private aircraft exclusive to drop passengers.

Full price for children aged 2 years and above.

No seat for children under 2 years.

It is necessary to be tested for Covid-19 before entering the country. However, it is optional but highly recommended that you get tested for your safety and the safety of your fellow passengers.

No masks and sanitizers are not provided, passengers are responsible for bringing their own masks and sanitizers.

A 14-day quarantine will need to be met, set up by the state government in the country. In state of Telangana you may get approval to go home after 7 days if you show no signs of Covid-19. Free bus will be provided till Chennai if minimum 25 passangers traveling to Chennai upon approval from the Govt of India,Chennai. People quarantine will be in Chennai as per Tamil Nadu Gov. NOTE: WE WILL JUST PROVIDE BUS TRAVEL NOT QUARANTINE. PASSENGER SHOULD TAKE CARE OF QUARANTINE

You will get email confirmation 24 hours before boarding from tickets@usism.org.

5 hours before departure time

Standard international luggage – one carry-on bag per person.

Yes, thermal screening will be done before entering the airport.